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Regulators are required to reduce gas pressure from the high pressure gas supply source to the gas application (eg laboratory instrumentation) safely. Cylinder regulators are used for direct connection to the supply cylinder. Point of use regulators are used in combination with gas supply panels and gas distribution systems, they can help to improve overall safety by removing cylinders from the laboratory work space.

Regulators are often described as single stage or two stage. Single stage regulators reduce the pressure in one step. Two stage regulators reduce the pressure in two steps and give a more constant outlet pressure over time. When a single stage cylinder regulator, or a gas supply panel, is used in combination with a single stage point of use regulator it can give the same benefit of stable flow pattern as a two stage regulator.

Regulators are also typically used in combination with a shut off valve or flow controlling valve on the low pressure outlet side. Regulators can be fitted with various purge assemblies to maintain system long term system integrity, avoid system contamination and improve safety.

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